Alkadur – a strong brand on the world market

Thanks to our technical expertise, our flexibility and our focus on the customers’concerns, Alkadur RobotSystem GmbH has assumed the position of the world’s leading enterprise in the market of robot systems for the catering branch. Our systems prove themselves with technical sophistication and innovative ideas. Our trend-setting marketing, customer-oriented services as well as the direct customer consultation service complete our work.

We are Alkadur – the avant garde of robot systems and catering!

We, Alkadur RobotSystems GmbH, are an innovative enterprise. Thanks to our robot systems, we have assumed a leading position in the catering market. Our top engineers and technicians have designed a state- of-the-art doner robot for catering establishments. By means of special sensors, the robot is able to prepare and cut doner meat in portions perfectly. As a highlight in the TV show TV Total, our doner robot attracted the special attention of the public. Under the nickname ‘der Gerät’ our robot system has become everybody’s darling within a very short time. Being the leading robot-based doner cutting technology firm, we have managed to score in all aspects, be it in the fields of electronics or precision mechanics or in the further development of our systems.