der Gerät DCR-6XL / DCR-7XL – Electro


  • approved use in shopping malls and on airports
  • long service life and life expectancy
  • simple to clean up
  • exclusive and classy design
  • highest standards of quality
Model:DCR-6XL / DCR-7XL (Electro)
Width:800 mm
Height:1.460 mm
Depth:800 mm
Foot print:800 x 800 x 1.460 mm
Dimension of spits (DxH)):550 x 950 mm
Spit loading weight:160 kg
Total machine weight:75 kg
Input power:max. 0,25 kWh (Robot)
Supply voltage:110V/230V / 1Ph / 50/60 Hz / PE
Control voltage:48 V
Noise level:approx. 60dB
Drive axis:4-axis
Barbecue:6 heating elements
Power:9,6 KW
Supply Voltage:400 V / 50-60 Hz / AC 3 / N / PE